2016 Elections Results and Run Offs

July 23, 2016 – The Prairie Band Potawatomi Nation Election Committee counted ballots for the 2016 Tribal Council and Ethics Commission Elections today at the Old Bingo Hall. The process started at 9 am with staff verifying the ballots were cast by registered voters.

The ballots were then separated from the envelopes and given over to an outside consultant, Tim Sanchez, Election Director on behalf of Automated Election Services to be officially tabulated by the voting equipment.

Over 60 people filled the Bingo Hall as they patiently awaited the election results. The results were delivered at approximately 11:45 am and are as follows:

A Run-Off Election will be held for all Tribal Council Positions, as follows:

Vice Chair:
Joyce Guerrero
Zach Pahmahmie

Amanda Nioce
Noah Wahquahboshkuk

Council Person #2:
Thomas Wabnum “Hoppy”
Adrian “Gubba” Hale

Council Person #3:
Carrie O’Toole
Juanita Jessepe

The Run Off Election ballots will be counted on Saturday, August 20 at 9 am.

The following individuals have been elected to the Ethics Commission

Chaiperson: Burton Warrington
Commissioner #1: Gilreath Aitkens
Commissioner #2: Blake Garrison
Commissioner #3: Laura Rice