2016 Election Candidates

The following individuals have declared candidacy for the 2016 Election. For more information related to the 2016 Election click here.
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Tribal Council Vice Chair
Warren “Hardy” Eteeyan
Joyce Kitchkommie Guerrero
Lorrie Wahwassuck-Melchior
Anna Wahwassuck-Boswell
Laura Harrison Abeyta
Lisa Wamego
Zach Pahmahmie
Tamara M. McClammy
Tribal Council Treasurer
Jona Potts Rupnicki
Noah Wahquahboshkuk
Amanda Nioce Barbosa
Tribal Council Person #2
Ann Simon Decoteau
Thomas M. Wabnum – “Hoppy”
Laura Ogden Ward
Sylvia Kay Moss – “Chaz”
Adrian “Gubba” Hale
Chris “Pah Nah” Mzhickteno
Jancita Warrington
Theresa Jessepe Murray
Tribal Council Person #3
Carrie Wabaunsee O’Toole
Paula Hopkins
Juanita Jessepe
Melvin Lewis
Helen Sumner
Michelle Simon
Tony Wahweotten
William “Bill” Evans
Ethics Chair
Burton Warrington
Ma’Ko’Quah Abigail Jones
Ethics Commissioner #1
Gilreath Aitkens
Verna Potts
Ethics Commissioner #2
Blake Garrison
Evelyn “Evie” Hopkins
Ethics Commissioner #3
Laura “Cham-e-quah” Rice
Tracy Potts