Working on the Rez

Ernie Coleman 10-1=10 1.jpg

Ernie Coleman, a landscaper in the Construction Maintenance Department, has been transplanting shrubs and flowers in the islands of the Government Center parking lot and elsewhere on the reservation this fall.

A Armstrong-Jim Harvey vendor electric posts 1.jpg

Andrew Armstrong of Kelly Electric, left, and Jim Harvey, PBP electrician, installing new electric posts for extra vendor sites in Prairie Peoples Park.  Several posts are being added on the north side of the arena walkway.

Workers from Kelly Electric at PP Pk 1.jpg

Men installing additional electrical wiring at the arena. From left to right is Armstrong and Shawn Kelly of Kelly Electric in Topeka, Kan.

ARRA WORKERS 09-08-10 006 1 for net.jpg

This photo, provided by the Road & Bridge Department, is of the crew that worked on the ARRA projects last summer.

H Rd Hill Cut 174 Rd 1.jpg

A hill was cut and road improvements made on 174 Road by the Road & Bridge Department which was an American Recovery and Reinvestment project.  The camera angle is facing west near H Road.

  ARRA sign on PBP 1.jpg

Road & Bridge crews also recently finished another ARRA project at 126 and O Road.

Q Rd paving 10-26-10 1.jpg

Q Road between 158 Road and 150 Road being paved today.