Weekend Update and Photo Snaps on the Rez

July 27, 2012 –

MAYETTA:  This weekend is going to be a big one for the Prairie Band with the 2012 Tribal Council/Ethics Commission election on tap for tomorrow morning at the Bingo Hall and the Rez-Lympics community event that will be held in the evening at Prairie Peoples Park.

Sixteen candidates are running for four Tribal Council seats and the mail-in ballots will be picked up at the Mayetta post office at 9 a.m. and then counted in an open meeting of the tribal membership. Votes will be calculated electronically by Automated Election Service of Albuquerque with final results verified by the Election Board and clerks.   Winners will be announced immediately following the election and candidates who wish to file a protest of the results will have three business days to do so through the Member Services Department.  Winners of each seat must win by a majority vote plus one or a run-off election will take place between the candidates who received the highest number of votes four weeks later.

Later on beginning at 6 p.m. a community event for the whole family will be held at Prairie Peoples Park as a way to promote healthy lifestyles on the reservation.  A community pot-luck will kick off the evening and other events including a tire toss, tug-of-war, watermelon eating contest, face painting, and more are scheduled for the rest of the night.  Originally a fireworks display was planned as part of the fun but has been cancelled because of extremely dry weather conditions.

Rez-lympics is free and open to the public and people are asked to bring a pot-luck dish, dish bags (for recycling), and lawn chairs.  Sponsoring programs for the event include Tribal Victims Services, Diabetes Prevention Program, Boys & Girls Club, Tribal Police, Fire Department, PBPN EPA, and Kansas Reservation Ministries.

As an aside, here are some photos taken this week on the rez:

Jeff Marshno-Evan and Mikey 1.jpg

Custodial workers seen cleaning the Bingo Hall for tomorrow’s Tribal Council Election.  From left to right is Jeff Marshno, Evan Evans and Mikey Shobney.

Maintenance Dept 1.jpg

The Maintenance crew got together as a group last week for a photograph. 

Mikey Shobney 1.jpg

Summer youth worker Mikey Shobney (third from left) was photographed with some of his fellow coworkers at the Government Center.  In the photo are B.J. Jones (far left), Tim Mendez (second) and Sam Mitchell (far right).   Shobney has been working during the second session of the summer youth program.  He is 17 years old and will be a senior at Rossville High School.

Adm Assts and Raven Wishteyah 1.jpg

Another summer youth worker is Raeven Wishteyah, 16, who will be a junior at Royal Valley next year.  Raeven worked for the Government Center Administrative Assistants who all stopped to pose for a photo in the Tribal Council chambers yesterday.  On the front row, left to right, Tina Levier, Wishteyah, and Leslie Marshno.  In back, left to right, is Paula Hopkins, Linda Yazzie, and Pam Bowman. 

Ivan Levier and Kyle Miller 1.jpg

Kyle Miller, left, had Ivan Levier, 14, who will be a freshman at Royal Valley this fall, help him with the recycling program in the Division of Planning and EPA.  The second session of the summer youth program ends today and is administered by the Department of Education. 

Carl and Ben and Mae chefs 1.jpg

Government Center employees got together today for a pot-luck cook out and grill chefs were Carl Matousek (with spatula) and Ben Joslin.  With them is Ben’s daughter, Mae. 

Leslie and cook out 1.jpg

Leslie Marshno organized today’s cook out and is seen above preparing part of the meal.  She works in the Department of Tribal Operations and will be busy in the coming weeks particularly with the 2013 PBPN budget process.