Snow at the Rez

MAYETTA:  Snow continues to fall this morning on the reservation which has made the roads slick and a lot of work for the PBPN Road & Bridge and Construction/Maintenance Departments. Even though the snow was predicted, the slick roads were a surprise and several slide-offs have been reported in the area.

Donita Mattwaosheshe, Administrative Assistant for Road & Bridge, said that crews were out clearing roads and pulling cars out of ditches.  Construction/Maintenance and Land Department crews were staying busy cleaning parking lots and shoveling walkways for employees and casino patrons.

According to a report from the National Weather Service in Topeka, varying temperatures throughout the night caused the roads to ice over. The snow is expected to taper off later this morning with intermittent flurries expected for this afternoon.  So far about three inches has fallen.

Tribal Council’s plans were also changed this week due to the weather.  The meeting with George Skibine of the National Indian Gaming Association was moved up a day due to forecasted weather conditions in Washington, D.C., and Tribal Council Chairman Steve Ortiz, who was already in D.C., was the only one able to attend. Other Council members who had been scheduled to fly out, were notified by Washington, D.C. officials not to come.  Anywhere from 16 to 24 inches of snow is being predicted for the Northeast part of the United States that is expected to continue into Saturday.

Below are a few photographs of the snow taken from the Government Center parking lot this morning before the work day began.

Snow at gov ctr 2.jpg

Photo taken in front of the Bingo Hall building facing north.

Jake Rodewald bobcat 2.jpg

Jake Rodewald, who works for the Construction/Maintenance Department, can be seen driving a bobcat that was clearing snow from the south side of the Government Center parking lot.

Voncile Mitchell.JPG

Voncile Mitchell, who works for Member Services, was caught by the camera while heading into work this morning.

Gov Ctr snow 2.jpg

View looking west from the Government Center front porch.