September 24, 2022
October 12, 2022
October 22, 2022


Camilla Chouteau

  • Term: 2018-2022
  • Email:
  • Assistant: Lorrie Melchior
  • Assistant Email:
  • P) 785-966-4022
  • F) 785-966-4024
Bozho Nikon!

The qualifications I bring to the elected position are my work experience within our tribal government, management, federal and state programs and higher education. In addition, I have previously worked for the highly profiled Salvation Army of Tulsa, Oka. and the Topeka School District #501.

I am a graduate of the University of Kansas and hold a Master’s of Social Work degree (2007) and a Bachelor’s of Social Work Degree (1985) with the major filed of study in Administration. In addition, I attended Haskell Indian Nations University in Lawrence, Kan. part-time.

My tribal government experience includes having served on the Tribal Council when the tribe purchased 326 acres for the O’Ketchshawno property which is where present day buildings like the Boys & Girls Club, Tribal Fire department, eArly childhood Education Center and a housing complex are located. Additionally, while I was on Tribal Council the governing body purchased 500 acres of trust property. I was also appointed by the General Council to serve on the PBP Health Center/Clinic Committee that planned for the construction of the beautiful Health Center that was built in 2005-06. Presently, I serve as a board member on the Education Committee and am a member of the Social Services Board of Commission.

My secretarial experience consists of being elected to our Nation’s first Constitutional Drafting Committee. I was also appointed by the Prairie Band Potawatomi General Council to serve on the Social Services Board of Commission (2011) where I was elected secretary. In 2012, I was elected as the secretary of the Shawnee County Allied Tribes, Inc. in Topeka, Kan.

I pledge to our PBPN membership the following positive visionary goals: Secure and protect our casino and the other Nation’s enterprises; purchase more land; create new jobs; propose a long term plan to insure our Nation’s energy/water resource needs, and report to duty at the tribal government center along with attendance at scheduled Tribal Council meetings. Today, our Nation is being faced with the challenges of other Kansas casinos operating and being developed and I will work with our Tribal Council to be cognizant of profitable business enterprises and continue to strengthen our economy.