Christmas Photos at the Rez

Linda and Tina-Paula dec tree 1.jpg

Decorating the Christmas tree in the Government Center lobby.  (Left to right) is Tina Levier, Paula Hopkins and Linda Yazzie.  Cheryl Walker is the receptionist behind the counter.

Carrie w Military packages 1.jpg

Carrie O’Toole, Tribal Council member, sending out the packages to active PBPN military soldiers.

Julia Lewis and Bernadette Lewis 1.jpg

Julia Lewis (left) and Bernadette Lewis at the Holiday Arts & Crafts sale at the Elder Center on Dec. 7.

Elder Ctr Christmas dinner 1.jpg

The Elder Center Christmas dinner held Dec. 14.

Holiday arts and crafts 12-16 1.jpg

Holiday Arts and Crafts sale held at the Bingo Hall Dec. 16.

Employee Christmas Party held today

Food line 1.jpg

Employees in line for Christmas buffet

Dance contestants 1.jpg

Dance contestants for Wii game.  L to R:  Vanessa Pahmahmie, Stephanie Jim, Carol DeWitt, Billy Matchie, Dawn Masqua, Chriss Eteeyan, Vivien Olsen and Tina Levier.  Miyah Danielson, not pictured, won the contest.

Dawn and Vivien 1.jpg

Carol D and Tina L 1.jpg

Billy D and Chris E 1.jpg

Jim and Patty Potter 1.jpg

Patty and Jim Potter enjoying lunch.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

162 Rd in snow 1.jpg

Nature’s beauty as a gift to the reservation

Ice coated tree 1.jpg