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Veterans Memorial Wall

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Today, November 26, 2003, the Prairie Band Potawatomi Nation unveils this memorial wall dedicated to 309 tribal members who served in the armed forces of the United States. The memorial is an expression of the Nation�s everlasting tribute to Veterans�past and present.

Members of the Prairie Band served their country well and achieved many battlefield honors, but they received little recognition for those accomplishments until today. All of these Veterans demonstrated a quiet strength and unqualified courage to defend the liberties and freedom of all people. Included on the memorial wall are nine tribal members who were killed in action. By giving the ultimate sacrifice in the defense of their homelands, they made the world a better place. Also included on this wall is one prisoner of war�Nelson Potts�during World War II; 17 members who served in the First World War; 95 who fought in World War II; 79 in Korea; 99 in Vietnam; and 9 in Desert Storm.

The dedication is hosted by WE TA SE American Legion Post 410 and the Prairie Band Potawatomi Nation. In the Potawatomi language, WE TA SE means: �One who is brave�. In that spirit, we welcome you today to witness this dedication. In the following pages a few battlefield accounts of our Veterans will be told, along with many pictures. Please enjoy your day with us and never forget the contributions of the many veterans of this country both non-Indian and Indian.

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