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Mail Address:

PBP Genealogy Office
   c/o Land Office Building
15185 “K” Rd
Mayetta, Kansas 66509

        Send e-mail to:

Telephone: (785) 966-0037

Ever wonder how you can help the tribe wherever you are located
The purpose of this web site is to inform you about the mission and activities of the PBP Genealogy Office and ask for your support. 

    In searching our family trees, we cannot always retrace the footprints of our ancestors and visit the various locations where we may find records.
Even in Jackson and Potawatomi Counties of Kansas there are many small town, church and cemetery records to search.
We will strive to collect all information in one location to preserve for future generations.
We hope the people of our nation will contribute to this cause.

To gather and preserve a collection of historical and genealogical material which will serve as an aid to the PBP nation people in the search for their family histories.


1)    To collect records pertaining to Potawatomi ancestors and tribe.

2)    To catalog, file, and preserve genealogical and historical data for tribal members to use in researching their family history.

3)    To create a data base of information so a computer search by name can be accomplished.

4)    To create a network of volunteer workers so this office reflects support of the people.  This office does not have tribal funding or grants.  We will need everyone’s help, especially the people of the PBP nation.


Contact Us:
PBP Genealogy Office
   c/o Land Office Building
15185 “K” Rd
Mayetta, Kansas 66509

Telephone: (785) 966-0037

Send e-mail to:

Office Hours: Tuesday 10 am–3pm or by Appointment

Delores Nioce-Abrams
Vivian Gonzales


Monthly Meetings:

No monthly meetings are held during summer and early fall months.


Volunteers Needed:

Please contact us if you can help in any of the following areas:

1)    Typist, Excel experience, for data entry of census and  annuity rolls to be placed on CD or Floppy Disc.

2)    Office volunteers to catalog and file historical data received.

3)    People to share copies from their personal collection of  tribal information of historical content.

4)    Researchers with computer experience who are willing to volunteer their experience to search internet sites for information in U.S. Census Records, National Archives & Records Administration (NARA), Mormon Church Family History Center Data,  etc.

Historical material needed:

    Donate records or copies of material of historical or genealogical importance
(i.e., annuity or census rolls, obituaries, old newspaper articles, church records, photographs, agency photographs & information, books, legal issues, legends,  etc.)

    If you would be willing to share any items with our office we would welcome your donations.

    Please do not destroy old papers or photographs you may have inherited from family members.
 Contact us or send it to us - it may have historical importance!


Information Available for Research:

1)    PBP Allotment Assigned Roll (A-Z),

2)    All PBP Treaties,

3)    Shipshee Cemetery Listing (A-Z),

4)   Sacramental Records
 Holy Cross Church Records for Marraiges, Baptisms, and Cemetery Listing,

5)    Jackson County and Reservation Family Cemetery Listings
 (Call, email, or write office for information). 

6)    Obituary Listing

7)    Family Histories:  
            Navarres Family History,
            Bouerdon Family History,
            Bogardus/Brewer & Katherine James Family History,

8)  Photographs:  Potawatomi Agency, Nadeau, Ks; Geo. W. James, Indian Agent; Bark and log home on Potawatomi Reservation; Rocky Ford scene; Eli G. Nadeau, Post Trader @ Onzhowa Tepee; Indian Fair (possibly @ Nadeau Agency site); Bill Cummings; Bill Skishkee, aka William Wahzowkuck, Sr; Ona Grinnell home, Kaw Agency, Oklahoma, 4/22/1901; Circleville, Ks, High School Students; and George Allen. 

9)  Newspaper Articles:  George Allen; Abram Barnett; Chief Shabbona, Mod-we-quah (his daughter), and Josephine Marshno (great-granddaughter of Shabbona). 

10)  Book:  “The Dowagiac-Sister Lakes Resort Area and More About Its Potawatomi Indians,” by Everett Claspy.

Individuals who have donated material:

1)    Paul Slattery:
Obituaries, Prayer Book in Potawatomi Language, Old agency photographs, Holy Cross Alter document, Family histories: Navarres, Bouerdon, Bogardus/Brewer & KatherineJames
Names Listed in Slattery Material.
Bourbon, Anthony
Brewer, Ellen James
Brewer, Josephine
Brewer, Kate
Buerdon, Catherine
Cadue, Cadue, Mary
Cadue, Etta
Cadue, Frank
Chaput, Joseph Z.
Curtis, Charles
DeMarais, Frank
DeMarais, Mrs. Josie A.
Eggan, P.F.
Grinnell, Ona,
James, George W.
James, Katherine
James, Mary R.
Macomb, Alexander
Macomb, John
Murray, Mary R.
Navare, Catherine
Navarre, J. Alexnder
Navarre, Peter Frichette
Rice, Philander & Lola
Slattery, Gertrude
Striegl, Philander & Lola
Williams, Lola
2)    Thaymer Morris:
            Check for dividend rent ($.30)

3)    Anonymous donatious:


Gary Mitchell’s Site Potawatomi History

Lee Sultzman Site Potawatomi History


Articles and Links

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(Online Resources about the Potawatomi Tribe) (Good Information)
(William Connelley’s “Prairie Band Potawatomi Indians” includes
Annual BIA Agent Reports, Kack-Kack Death, Treaty of 1861, & Potawatomi Allottees) (Lots of Information)
(Kansas Kickapoo and Citizen Band Potawatomi Rolls
Prairie Band Potawatomi Rolls of 1861, 1863, 1880 & 1887
1900 Jackson Co and Potawatomi Co Kansas Indian Census
1930 Jackson Co and Potawatomi Co Kansas Indian Census)
(Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian)
(American Indian Census Data Links (US Census Bureau)  (Census Info) (Trail of Death History)  (Most Complete)
(Indian Tribal Records) (Fulton Co Historical Society, Rochester, IN)
(They organized Trail of Death Commemorative Caravan)  (Topeka Genealogical Society)
(Access to the The National Archieves Data Base)
(National Archives & Records Administration (NARA), Central Plains Region,
2312 E. Bannistr Rd, Kansas City, MO)  (Jackson Co Historical Society)


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