Welcome to the home of Prairie Band Potawatomi Nation

Social Services

The PBP Nation created the Social Services Department in June 1999. The goal of the department is to provide a welcoming environment for community members to receive services to improve the quality of their lives.  Some of the components of the department are: to preserve families: to assist people in attaining sobriety and to live a life of recovery; to help individuals gain employment; to keep the elderly safe and to help them obtain resources; to assist victims of violence and to help other members of the community with their social service needs to promote self sufficiency. Services include the Community Health Representative program, Adult Protective Services, Child Protective Services, Foster Care Services,  Vocational Rehabilitation Services, Alcohol & Drug Program, and an independent living office from Three Rivers. The department monitors the well-being of all Prairie Band Potawatomi children, both those in and those outside of state custody under ICWA (Indian Child Welfare Act).  The department strongly advocate for the welfare of the most vulnerable members of the tribe, the children and elders.  Services are available on the reservation and for the counties surrounding Jackson County.  For additional information, please call 785-966-8330 or fax 785-966-2950.

Behavioral Health Program

The Behavioral Health Program utilizes diverse treatment approaches including the biological/psychological/social model of addictive disease, the Developmental Process of Recovery, self-help programs, motivational interviewing, strength-based methods and Red Road.  Staff recognize the importance of their clients reconnecting with community, culture, and their spirituality as essential components of recovery.  The program serves the Prairie Band Potawatomi Reservation community and Native Americans in the surrounding region.  Three state certified addiction counselors are available and are all housed in the Social Services Department that is located on the east wing of the Potawatomi Health Center.  For more information call 785-966-8330 or fax 785-966-8386.

Vocational Rehabilitation Program

The Vocational Rehabilitation program is housed in the Social Services Department that is located in the east wing of the Prairie Band Potawatomi Health Center, 11400 158 Rd, Mayetta, Kansas.  A staff of three oversees the program that is dedicated to assisting American Indians with disabilities in achieving meaningful and gainful employment.  The program began in 2000 and is made possible by the Prairie Band Potawatomi Nation and a grant from the Department of Education Rehabilitation Services Administration. 


For a brochure about eligibility requirements and the program click here. 


Three Rivers, Inc., a Center for Independent Living governed by the Rehabilitation Act of 1974, has a branch office in the PBPN Social Services Department.  The nonprofit organization has six locations and serves more than nine counties in northeast Kansas.  It assists individuals with all types of disabilities who are interested in learning skills and receiving support that will assist them in a greater quallity of life.  For more infomation call the office at 785-966-8344 or go to www.threeriversinc.org


Community Health Representative Program

The mission of the Community Health Representative (CHR) program is to be an advocate and facilitator for individuals and families to gain access to comprehensive health care services.  Some of the duties in the CHR office include home health visits, helping schedule medical appointments and cosponsoring community blood drives.  The program serves any enrolled member of a federally recognized tribe within the service area of Jackson County. The office is located in the Social Services Department that is housed on the east wing of the Potawatomi Health Center.  The phone number is 785-966-8360 and fax is 785-966-8389.

Adult Social Services Program

The Adult Social Services program is designed to promote personal responsibility, family unity, economic and social stability in an effort of promoting the wellness of each adult tribal member in the community.  The program assists members in locating resources to meet individual or family needs, provides tribal members who have IIM accounts with prompt, quality services, and provides social work assessments and recommendations for tribal members when needed.  In addition, the program provides services including code revisions to the PBPN judicial court and tribal police department to better meet the Nation’s needs.

Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA)/Foster Care/Family Preservation/Child Protective Services (CPS) Program

The ICWA/Foster Care/Family Preservation/CPS program provides services to protect the integrity of PBPN families and to ensure that the Nation’s children live in safe and healthy environments. A goal of the program is to help keep youth with their families and to provide social services resources when needed.  The program also assists with the location of placement alternatives for youth that follow ICWA preferences, and also provides community training in family preservation through parenting classes.      


A former PBPN group home was reclassified as a large specialty foster family home in 2011 that is being administered by the Social Services Department.   The learning approach in the home is modeled after a therapeutic learning environment that uses positive behavioral modification techniques and is supervised by tribal house parents and a full-time education coordinator. Part of each foster youth's activities are attending school, daily care concerns and becoming immersed in traditional ways and cultural programs.   

Tribal Victim Services Program

The Family Violence Prevention Program (FVPP) and the Tribal Victims Assistance Program, formerly housed in the Potawatomi Police Department, have merged into one program called the Tribal Victim Services Program.  The program serves enrolled members of federally recognized tribes who are victims of family violence or sexual assault. 


Offices are located in the Social Services Department that is in the east wing of the PBP Health Center.