Welcome to the home of Prairie Band Potawatomi Nation

Emergency Services

Emergency Services has two key services which are the Potawatomi Tribal Police Department and the Potawatomi Fire Department. Both departments operate in collaboration with emergency situations but are located in separate buildings on the reservation.


In case of emergency, call Tribal Dispatch: 
911 or 785.966.3024
Tribal Police Tips Hotline

PBP Tribal Police Department

16344 Q Road
Mayetta, KS 66509
Phone: 785.966.3024
Fax: 785.966.2585

Police Chief: 785.966.6650 - Wade Schneider

Assistant Police Chief:  785.966.6652 - Terry Clark

Detective:  785.966.6656 - Michael Daughtery

Office Manager/Records: 785.966.6670 - Micky Houk


Tyrel Askren - 785.966.6655  

Mike Holte - 785.966.6664

Josh Peters - 785.966.6658

Talon Shipshee - 785.966.6654

Tyler Shobney - 785.966.6661

Frankie Smallwood - 785.966.6659

Benjamin Thursby - 785.966.6653

Derek Wamego - 785.966.6663  

School Resource Officer:  785.966.6656

Lead Dispatcher/Sex Offender Registry Coordinator: 785.966.6657 - John Hurla

Dispatchers: 785.966.3024 - Katherine Johnson, Robin Kelly, Mellissa Morse, and Jayne Wooton

Animal Control/Radio Tech: 785.966.6662 - Rick Burns

General Maintenance/Repair Tech: 785.966.6665 - 

Motor Vehicle: 785.966.6673 - Micki Martinez

Potawatomi Tribal Fire Department

15482 K Road
Mayetta, KS 66509
Phone: 785.966.2164
Fax: 785.966.3040

Fire Chief:  Doug Schreiner, EMT-P

Assistant Fire Chief:  Frank Zeller, EMT-P

Administrative Assistant: Joy Matchie

Shift Captains: Eric Ganson, EMT-P; George Wiecken, EMT

Lieutenants:  Bruce Coates, EMT-P; Benjamin Green, EMT; Lance Wishkeno, EMT

Firefighter/Paramedics: Jon Gwartney, Paul Juedes, Mark Meinhardt, Rebecca Rippe, Jeremy Voelcker and Lucas Zeller

Firefighter/EMTs: John Bills, Lance Garner, James Mercer, Andrew Naylor, Brandon Myers, Ronnie Sellens

Reserve Firefighters:  Anthony Bogowith, EMT; Chris Brown, EMT; Brady Nikkel, EMT; Nate Wood, EMT;